View Full Version : NORAD Santa tracker, I feel sorry for the guy

25-12-2009, 15:31
and NORAD should go back to school.:bash: If they were that accurate tracking and commenting and interpreting the cccp rockets, as they did Santa, the Soviets could have bombed the hell out of Washington DC and NORAD would have had no idea what hit them...:thumbdwn:
( on NORAD Santa tracker i clicked on 'Moscow' because a camera symbol was there. and i was told that by the commentator, that santa would not have many presents to deliver there, because the russians believe in St.Nicholas and he brought the presents already 2 weeks ago.:cry:
St.Nicholas is a 'catholic' Saint,6th of December we celebrate, :cool:but I am surprised NORAD never has heard anything of DED MOROZ and his SNOWFLAKE GIRL...:irule:
back to school indeed,NORAD and read the story books insted the rocket manuals...:bash::bash::bash::bash::bash:

25-12-2009, 17:51
Wild people, really ;)