View Full Version : UK Cheese Back in 7th Continent

30-01-2005, 13:07
Just picked up some Red Windsor and blueberry Stilton from the 7th Continent on b. Gruzinskaya. Manufacturer is Crowley Dairies if I read the bulk package correctly (cut wedges are available on top of the cheese case or ask them for whatever amount you want); price is quite high at 989 RUR/kg.

Stilton is not bad; kind of dessert cheese and probably a violation of my Atkins induction ;). I have eaten the Red Windsor when it came in the last time and it is also OK.

Lemon and strawberry Stilton are also available but did not see sage derby or any other UK cheeses besides the Stilton varieties and Red Windsor.

30-01-2005, 17:40
Gorgonzola and Fourme d'Ambert only cost half of that at SPAR and, I have to say.......well, I won't......just enjoy what you really like :agree: