View Full Version : Been out of town

28-01-2005, 14:40
Just back and had a hell of a time signing on, beutiful snowflake screensaver dominated my browser. Is this normal? Guess I'll see when I try to sign on later.


31-01-2005, 17:16
Well, I’ve tried everything…from virus to 3rd party deep scans, defrag, IE privacy & security settings, Network Adapter ping request, IRQ conflicts, unplugging all peripherals and S/D all programs!. Just have a problem with this site.

I hate to give up on a problem…idea’s?

31-01-2005, 17:25
I also have problems with this site. (sometimes it's very slow, but this comes and goes, I guess with server load)

My trouble:

I've tried Firefox and IE, and still the same 'constant refresh' problem

The only way I can type anything to post now is to open up notepad, type there, then copy paste into the box...

Would like to resolve it though, all the other BB's I use are fine :/

01-02-2005, 10:50
I have recently noticed that if I minimize/maximize the browzer I am immediately at the log on page without the > 5 min wait, which would indicate...what?

Again, only on this site!