View Full Version : Looking for work in Spb

Seva K.
15-12-2009, 12:05
First of all I'd like to say hello to everyone here. I am a native Russian, who spent 13 years in Melbourne, Australia before I had to cme back due to family problemsand going back. Hence I consider myself kind of on Aussie expat. I fit in quite successfully here, but have trouble getting a decent job. Here is a list of what I can do (meaning I either have experience in it or qualifications and experience):
Veterinary nurse, construction worker (sander, small-scale electrician, assembler, painter), driver (have international driving licence), bar/nightclub security, nightclub security supervisor (can provide references), network engineer and tech support/sys admin (have a diploma and references).
I am up for any job that pays reasonably well. Hope someone here will need something:sunny: