View Full Version : My son: Holder of a Vid Na Zhitilstvo: Docs needed to exit/enter Russia?

10-12-2009, 13:46
My 12 year old, US citizen, son has his Vid Na Zhitilstvo. We are planning a trip to the US. What documents does he need?

We have:
Vid Na Zhitilstvo
Tickets (duh)

We do NOT have:
Any migration card (I think that my wife submitted it with the 'Vid' Application and it was never returned but she does not recall. It MAY be lost as neither of us KNOWS where it is).

Are there any other documents that we must have for him to exit Russia and then to Re-enter Russia?

Thanks in advance! :)

10-12-2009, 16:01
As far as I know you don`t need the migration card anymore, once you`ve gotten the PRP.
With a PRP you are entitled to free travelling in and out of Russia, exactly like holders of Russian passports.
Careful however about the length of stay abroad, as your PRP gets cancelled once you are out of Russia more than 6 months (not sure about that number) a year. However, I don`t think you`ll be out for such a long time.

When my wife or myself (but not together) travel with the kids (who have double citizenship), we first go to the notary and write a statement that I allow her, or she allows me, to take the children abroad.
We do this to avoid difficulties at boarder control... (and indeed I have been asked to show such a letter to the boarder guards).

If you are not travelling all together, you might want to make such a document.