View Full Version : Can you change the adress during TPR?

30-11-2009, 19:08
Did anyone ever change the adress of registration
(and therefore the 3 years long Registration document
we had to submit with the application form) during
the period that last the Temporary Residency?

Do you know if it's possible?
Do you know if I have to go and cancel the Registrazia
at the old adress first and then register at the new UFMS
or I can register in a new place right away?
Do you think I will have to "re-do" the fingerprints if I change area?

THank you very much indeed for any info on that question.

30-11-2009, 21:37
Be careful.
With the TRP you are not free to change your place of stay!
I have no experience with changing the address, but from my experience with other things in Russia, I suppose it will not be easy.
Anyway, if you are planning on changing the address, make sure you are very well informed on legal issues related to your TRP, before you act.

Larry Paradine
01-12-2009, 22:07
When I received my TRP from the Migration Service and subsequently registered my address, I was told by OVIR that I could not move out of the local government area that issued the permit (in my case the Republic of Chuvashia; for most other users of this forum, presumably including sophieperle, that means Московская Область), but that I could change addresses within the local government area. However, I was told that not only would I have to go through the soul destroying process of de-registering the old address and then registering the new address (which would require going to two different offices unless the old and new address were in the same район) but that the owner of the property I lived in prior to the change would have to sign a statement that I had dutifully fulfilled all my obligations as tenant and had not defaulted on rent and other financial obligations, vandalised the premises or committed any other infringement of the tenancy agreement, and that such statement would have to be either notarised or signed at the registration office and in the presence of an authorised official (in my case, that would entail putting my ailing, 81 year old mother-in-law through the inevitable unpleasantnesses and inconveniences). Assuming the same applies to the Moscow Oblast, the answer to sophieperles' question appears to be that it's legally possible to change addresses within the administrative area covered by the TRP, but be prepared for a time and energy consuming encounter with bureaucratic regulations.

16-02-2010, 22:44
We had been promised to register with our landlady when we applied. Then, before the application came back, she reneged. I went to the office where we applied, and they said it's of no concern to them. What they instructed, and what I did, was to find a place to register (a person ideally in the same район) after you get the RVP.
You won't have to do any of that stuff you wonder about again. Transferring for me within the city they said would be no big deal. Transferring from within the city (SPB) to the oblast is possible, but would take over two months.

26-03-2010, 02:01
you have to prove that you have a new place by providing some document to the FMC of your old address. really its a long proccess. if you have your way, just try to avoid changing.