View Full Version : Best of luck Liverpool.........

25-11-2009, 00:55
I want to be the first to wish Liverpool the best of luck in the Micky Mouse Europa League.....................the're gonna need it!!! :rofl:

25-11-2009, 02:09
Totally agree Trebor. Liverpool most definitely deserved to qualify for the Europa League and we should congratulate them on this achievement. Of course, it's quite clear to anyone with an ounce of sense that they might find it a bit hard playing against...well...the other sides in the EL, but not to worry. I imagine their financial position will be improved very soon, as they do away with the manager and, judging by his post match comments, Stevie G next summer if they don't make the top 4.

Still, they'll never walk alone. They shall always walk side by side with ...well.. their fellow mid-table type clubs...

so...ladies and gentlemen...i give you .... Liverpool FC :beerbros::hooray:

25-11-2009, 07:19
Europa League here we come,just wasn't to be this season..
Liverpool could be joined by the likes of Bayern Munich, Real,AC Milan ,Inter and CSKA...Not a bad looking lot really..
Financially getting knocked out of the CL is going to hurt Liverpool,but a decent run in the Europa League should compensate( a little) for the early exit.
Now I need to make sure that I'm free Thursday nights...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Heres the list of the likely last 32..Not that bad looking..:D

1. Liverpool
2. Standard Liege/AZ
3. Unirea/Stuttgart
4. Rubin/Dynamo Kiev
5. Atletico/APOEL
6. Marseille
7. CSKA Moscow/Wolfsburg
8. Bayern Munich
9. Anderlecht
10. Ajax
11. Valencia
12. Lille/Genoa
13. Hapoel Tel Aviv
14. Hamburg
15. Sporting
16. Hertha Berlin/Heerenveen/Ventspils
17. Roma
18. Basel/Fulham
19. Galatasaray
20. Panathinaikos
21. Salzburg
22. Villareal/Lazio
23. Fenerbahce
24. Twente
25. Benfica
26. Everton/AEK Athens
27. Shakhtar
28. Bruges/Toulouse
29. PSV
30. Sparta Prague/Copenhagen
31. Werder Bremen
32. Athletic Bilbao