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24-11-2009, 22:44
I am renewing my work permit and have been told that i need to legalize my diploma. As i am Canadian, this will have to be done in Ottawa.
Anyone ever done this. Apparently everyone need this now. What a pain.

24-11-2009, 22:57
it is indeed a pain. me I have to apostil two diplomas in two different countries!!!!

22-12-2009, 14:45
I'm a Brit, and I've just been told by a UK notary that in order to get my degree notarized there, I have to turn up in UK, armed with passport and degree, and swear that it's a pukka document. NO sending it from here and getting my dad to do it. Fantastic.

22-12-2009, 16:35
Where can you legalize it in the UK? Can you do it with any solicitor or notary? Will it be impossible for westerners without degrees to get a work visa in Russia now?

22-12-2009, 16:54
Documents we can legalise
Introduction to Legalisation

We can legalise most UK documents as long as they bear an original signature, seal or stamp from a UK practising public organisation or official.

A UK document means that it originated or has been executed in the UK. If a practising UK solicitor or notary public is signing a document they should state clearly what exactly it is they are certifying in relation to the document. They must sign in their own name and not use a company signature. They should clearly print their name and their firm's name under the signature.

We can legalise photocopies of certain types of documents (listed below) as long as they have been certified by a practising UK solicitor or notary as being true photocopies. If you want to legalise a certified photocopy of a particular document, and we are able to do this (see below), you should also confirm with the end users of the document to ensure that a certified photocopy is acceptable to them.
What documents can we legalise?
UK Educational Documents

All educational documents must be signed by a practising UK solicitor or notary before they can be legalised. The solicitor or notary should either confirm that the document is original if that is the case, or a true photocopy. If you are living overseas it may be possible for the British Council in your country to certify the document instead. You should check with the local British Council office to see if they offer this service.

Educational documents which are not degrees, diplomas, certificates, qualifications or other awards may be legalised if they have been issued by an educational establishment in the UK. This includes school reports and letters concerning enrolling, attendance, fees and grades.

Documents which are degrees, diplomas, certificates, qualifications or other awards can be legalised if they were issued by an educational establishment if it is registered at one of the following websites:

* 'Register of Providers' or the 'Recognised Degrees' sections of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) website
* the Scottish Qualifications Authority website
* the National Database of Accredited Qualifications website
* the British Accreditation Council Website
* the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council
* the Association of British Language Schools

Additionally, qualifications which are or were issued by OCR, Edexcel, Higher National Diploma, City and Guilds, National Open College Network, GNVQ or the American Study Abroad Programme in the UK can also be legalised.

23-12-2009, 09:39
Although the text from the FCO site above states that

"If you are living overseas it may be possible for the British Council in your country to certify the document instead"

it is actually a misprint for "British Consul". The Consul at the Moscow Embassy will certify it for RUB 1,250 (one day turnaround). Then it can be sent to the UK for legalisation.