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23-11-2009, 15:17
Hi, I will be moving to Moscow in the New Year and just wondered what I will need to budget for in terms of bills etc.

I will be spending around 85,000 rur (2000) a month for rent, but are there any other costs involved? The bills that I am referring to are :-

Council Tax - Is there a tax payable to the local government?
Water, gas & electricity - Do you have an individual bill per apartment?
Service charge for the up-keep of the apartment building?

I must apologise for what seems simple questions, but this will give me an idea of what I can afford in total.

Many Thanks

Ian G
23-11-2009, 16:00
Hello Wayne-welcome to the site and congratulations on your decision to come to Moscow!

Council Tax includes the service charge, and is called "Kvarplata" -or "apartment payment"-it depends on the area of the flat.

Water, hot water (heating), gas and electricity are all much cheaper than the British or American equivalents, and I would estimate $ 100 per month should cover the tax and all the utility bills excluding telephone.

In some flats water is metered, in others bills are split between the people living in the building. Gas is not metered,nor is hot water, but electricity is.

Whether you will be responsible for paying these depends on your agreement with your landlord.

24-11-2009, 20:57
Hi Wayne!Welcome to Moscow and to the site!

Usually allhousehold bills are included into the rental and landlord pays it.
Except electricity,water(if the flat is equipt with a meter),international,trunk-line and to mobile phones phone calls,cable TV and internet in some cases consierge service-all these things should usually be paid by tenant.Sums are 2500-5000rbs totally and depend on how much do you consume electricity,water(if there are meters),telephone.Cable TV and internet have fixed rates per month.

But sometimes there are exclusions depending on the renting contract.

25-11-2009, 01:21
I will be spending around 85,000 rur (2000) a month for rent...

Why does everyone have a better job than me?

25-11-2009, 11:04
Maybe you're more happy or just have more free time? ;)

25-11-2009, 12:14
Why does everyone have a better job than me?

What does it mean "better job", high salary level does not mean better job.... and V.V.:

Would you like to become a windowcleaner at high-rise buildings with $3000 per month or a wine taster with $1500?

25-11-2009, 16:59
The word "paid" was missing from my post.....

25-11-2009, 17:11
Why does everyone have a better job than me?

F%ck it all, I love being unemployed!

26-11-2009, 03:28
F%ck it all, I love being unemployed!

I prefer the phrase "focusing on artistic pursuits"