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17-11-2009, 12:47
I may have a big problem. Anyone know if there is any hope?

I have TRP for Moscow central area outside of the quota due to marriage to a Russian. In Feb 2010 I can apply for PRP. But, I may get a job that will require me to live and work for 3 years in the regions. The company will get me a work permit, and visa in their name, and wants me to be registered in the region as I will be required to have legal signature authority for the company.

Is there any hope of keeping my TRP, or getting my PRP if I have to move outside Moscow…or will I have to start all over again. The way I look at it I have two options:

1.Start TRP process all over again when I move to the region…and then get PRP there.

2.Don’t take the job until after I have my PRP approved then I could live and work in the regions without a work permit.

(?3. Wait to take the job untill after I have applied for PRP, and then move and "temporarly register" using my TRP (as in a business trip) in the region for 5 months (or back and forth every month from Moscow to the Region to break up the stay) untill my PRP is approved. Return to Moscow once PRP is approved, and then officialy move to the Region...finally not requireing work permit or visa. This gets complicated figuring out how to handle the Work Permit issue...or if it is even possible)

Any experience with this, or advice?

FYI: The company I might work for does everything 100% by the book and will not allow any "questionable" arrangements.

Anna Sahakyan
17-11-2009, 18:37
I think it’s reasonable to use the 2nd option. If your employer will agree to hire you after you get PRP.
The 3rd option seems to be complicated and I am afraid not legal, because under Russian laws TRP holder may work only in region where TRP is issued. I am not sure if this rule is observed in regional FMS, but in Moscow it is.
So you need to think if the work worth to cancel TRP and pass all this procedures again after some time