View Full Version : Horrible Terrible Pictures of the Tsunami

18-01-2005, 15:42

Lady Marmalade
20-01-2005, 20:43
Sad to say they are pretty accurate photos, I could post my own from our camera as I was there in Sri Lanka at the time and we've also got before and after photos and I just thank god that I don't have any that show the bodies washed ashore on the beach, the rest was bad enough to last a lifetime. Thanks for the link, it was really interesting for me as we missed the news for the first couple days after as we were trying to get up to Colombo and certainly never saw the papers. It took us three days to get a CNN broadcast where we finally got some real details instead of the mass chaos that was going on to begin with. I'd still like to see TIME magazine so if anybody has a copy please PM me.