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15-11-2009, 18:49
Can anyone give me any info on the ice hockey in Moscow and where I could get tickets etc for Dynamo Moscow and CSKA matches (not exclusively against each other but any home matches)?


17-11-2009, 18:09
There are three teams in Moscow: Dinamo (play at Luzhniki), CSKA (play the CSKA Ice Palace, near Aeroport metro) and Spartak (play at Sokolniki).

You can get fixture info from their own websites, from the league site Континентальная Хоккейная Лига - KHL.RU - официальный сайт (http://www.khl.ru) (there's an English version as well) or usually in the sports page of the Moscow News (Moscow News (http://www.moscownews.ru), among the news round-up at the bottom of the page).

Most games are nowhere near sold out until the play-offs come around, so getting tickets is just a case of going to the arena, joining the queue and giving them some money. Depending on the opposition and exactly where you want to sit, you'll pay 300-500r.

Dinamo are at home to Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (3rd v 2nd in the Western Conference) on Thursday, starts at 1930. There are a few kassa, usually. If you take the metro to Sportivnaya (1st wagon from the centre) and head towards the stadium (under the 3rd transport ring and through the bit where the market works in the day) you can buy from the windows to the left as you face the main entrance to the sports complex. The arena itself (Malaya Sportivnaya Arena) is to the right of big football stadium (Bolshaya Sportivnaya Arena - they put some thought into the names!). If the main gates are open it's not hard to find; if they are shut, turn your back on the ticket window you just went to and walk straight down the road, past the police station, and enter the sports complex on the left at the next available entrance. You'll spot a small crowd there. There's sometimes a small kassa working there as well, but not always. It sounds complicated, but if in doubt follow someone wearing a blue scarf :)

You can probably get Dinamo tickets from the teatralnaya kassa immediately outside the metro, but you'll pay a mark-up.

Spartak and CSKA are easier, in that the kassa is right in front of the stadium (look for the queue). But the next CSKA home game is a week on Sunday, and I forget Spartak's next match. Plus Dinamo are the strongest of Moscow's teams this season.

You might also fancy the Channel 1 Cup (Kubok Pervogo Kanala), a four-team international tournament played at Megasport Khodynka (m. Dinamo) in December (17-20, I think). Russia, Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic play a round-robin, but I don't know what the ticket prices will be. Try // - (http://www.fhr.ru) for more (possibly Russian-language only).