View Full Version : o.t. placement in moscow ???

17-01-2005, 14:29
Could someone help me.

I'm studying Occupational Therapy in Reutlingen (Germany) and we were offered to do a part of our fieldwork in a foreign country. For my father is working in Moscow I though maybe it is possible to get a placement there.
But I would need an international institution, for I do not speak any other language (except german of course).
So if anyone knows if there is a place I might contact please write me.

Thanks in advance,

ghost 6-3
17-01-2005, 14:40
I knew a couple of occupational therapists who worked in Moscow for Downside up, a charity that works with retarded children and adults. You may want to offer your services to them at http://www.downsideup.org/

21-01-2005, 01:23
Thanx a million, I'll try there!