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10-11-2009, 16:37
Hi. I was wondering about the best way to buy theater tickets in St. Petersburg. Are there good Web sites to check out? How far ahead do I need to buy them? Can I wait and buy some when I am there for a week (around the holidays)? Any recommendations for what to see? We want to go to something there but don't have strong preferences -- maybe a ballet or orchestral concert? Thanks!

10-11-2009, 18:26
I do it via the site Билетер.ru - Театральная Афиша Санкт-Петербурга, заказ билетов в театр, заказ билетов на концерт и в цирк, заказ билетов спб. (http://www.bileter.ru)

You can book and pay via credit card and when you are in S.Petersburg, you can take tickets at any cash desk of the company (they have a lot of outlet-kiosks in the city).

The only thing is that the site is in Russian.

What I would do is to buy tickets exactly when you are in S.Petersburg at these kiosks.

I would recommend to go to Ermitage theatre for ballet ($100), Mariinsky theatre (it is better even then Bolshoy), the operetta theatre (they perform ballets as well), Mikhailovsky theatre of opera and ballet (becomes good).

Drama theatres are very good there but in Russian.

11-11-2009, 21:54
I used to book tickets on-line, but you still need to pick them up in person at the little kiosks, so I've been just buying them there (look for the kiosks with the word KACCA and posters all over) or even at the venue itself which is even easier. Any time I pass by something of interest, I just walk in and buy a ticket. All theaters are back from the tours so this is THE perfect time to go! A great (and quite inexpensive!) experience is visiting SPB Shostakovitch Philharmonic (I am a new user and not allowed to post a link, type: philharmonia.spb.ru in your browser address) Great location (famous Theater Square near Nevsky), great performers, great crowd of true music connoisseurs. Enjoy :)