View Full Version : Teachers looking for work in Russia.

08-11-2009, 13:26
This is a question asked many times here. If a teacher is looking for a job in ussia where do they look.

Some teachers are still in their home country when seeking work in Russia, and that is probably the best place to start, as it ensures that you are more likely to have a better deal in having a full package including travelling expenses, work visa support, health cover, a flat to live in, plus a reasonable salary.

Where do you look for work? There are many places you can search for work. And I will start off by giving you to of the best examples. Hopefully other members here will also recommend some links.

Teachers! Please shop around wisely. As you can see from many of the adverts, it is now the employees market. So take care and be selective.

Click here: Vacancies :: Moscow's virtual community for English speaking expats and Russians (http://www.expat.ru/vacancies.php)

click here: Career Center | Employees | The Moscow Times | Daily newspaper (http://www.themoscowtimes.com/careercenter/employees/)

Any individual schools that are recommended here should be discussed in detail.