View Full Version : Visa agency in Kiev, Tallin or Helsinki

06-11-2009, 11:28
Does anyone know of a visa agency in Kiev that they used?
There was a post and contact information, but it is gone now. Or I can't find it anymore.

Also, where can you go to renew your visa that is not too far from Moscow?
Has anyone been to Helsenki or Tallin? There was info on this sight before, but not I can't seem to find it


12-11-2009, 00:35
I was looking into this a few months ago. I think the new rule is that you have to apply for the Russian visa from your country of citizenship unless you have a residency permit or visa for the country that you would like to apply from.

I was also hoping to do a Visa run in Tallinn or Helsinki this winter :-(

16-11-2009, 13:48
You can get your visa anywhere it just costs more if it is not your home country.

16-11-2009, 13:59
Actually, the Russian consulate in Kiev is pretty strict about requiring a Ukrainian residency card when apply for a Russian visa.

They require a photocopy of both the residency permit and the main "information" page of your passport.

ETA: I don't know for sure that you can get a visa anyway if you pay more, b/c I have a UKR residency permit. But they have always asked for it when I've applied for any type of visa - both tourist and multi-entry business.

16-11-2009, 14:10
I got mine in Kiev without that info 2 months ago. I just had to pay more for processing.

16-11-2009, 16:03
Curious, what did you pay? A 12-month multi-entry costs $150 if you give them 10 days.

I guess since I've got a Ukr residency permit, then i've just not ever got to the past where they tell it costs more if you don't have one. :)