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02-11-2009, 20:49
Having recently bought a MacBook Pro, I am now looking at switching from my old windows laptop to the Mac.

My concerens are that I am able to continue to work un-interupted when I have made the conversion. I need all my old data and need to be abel to find it where it has always been!

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

05-11-2009, 10:16
Well, you can get versions of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel for the Mac, and there is a free programme called OpenOffice that will cover a lot of the same functionality, especially if you are just doing basic stuff.

In your Mac, for each user account, there is a special folder with the name of the account, where you should keep all your personal documents. Programmes will store your preferences there. So assuming you have all your documents on your Windows machine in your "My Documents" folder, you should just copy them into the Home folder on your Mac. It will have the same name as the account you set up on the Mac. By default this is admin, but I would advise you to set up a separate user account for yourself, as this is basic security good practice on any computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. If you go into "System Preferences" on the Apple menu, you will see an icon called "Accounts", just click on this, then press on the "+" button to add an account.

I hope this makes sense, feel free to send me a PM if it's not clear. Macs can seem a bit strange to a Windows user, but it's quite simple once you get used to the logic - a bit like learning a new dialect of a language.

Edit: here are some instructions:



05-11-2009, 10:19
Oh, and one other thing - your email. It's no problem to set up the Mac Mail account to use whatever email account you prefer. But I don't know if you want to import your old emails into your new computer - some people like to use their email programme as an archive system. For this, you may need to install Entourage, which is a Microsoft email client (and information manager) - I've never used it, but I assume that it can import mail from Outlook. Here is one set of instructions I found on the net:

Moving Email from PC Outlook to Apple Mail - Mac Guides (http://guides.macrumors.com/Moving_Email_from_PC_Outlook_to_Apple_Mail)

05-11-2009, 19:54
tgma, many thanks.

I will probably try to sum up the courage to attack and convert over the weekend!

14-11-2009, 19:37
Hey, I recently did what you did. Everything went fine - just get MS office for Mac and you're set to go for your docs. One thing that I did find problematic is trying to convert my outlook 2003 files (archive and mail) to entourage (MS office for Mac version of outlook). In the end I could not find a free way to do this conversion and ended up downloading all my mail from my gmail server via POP3 and then having to sort em out.

Other than this, its quite easy to convert and use Mac.

tip: find the top 50 applications for Mac and that should give you a good guidance as to what useful programs u'd need.