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01-11-2009, 20:40

A group of 3-4 students are looking for a competent teacher to get ready for an exam in proficient English. Experience in preparation for such exams is essential. Classes are scheduled on Saturdays, central location. Looking forward to your replies. :)

06-11-2009, 03:58
excuse me people

i have posted this up for a week now

asking for feedback and input, suggestions, and comments

other than one or two, i have not received anything

though my ego says that things are perfect, i know better

so please, any comments would be greatly appreciated

even negative ones

even by kafirs

06-11-2009, 11:07
MichaelEBryant (at) gmail . com
Moscow, Russia +7.916.511.8340

OBJECTIVE: An English editing, English writing, or English teaching-related position based in Moscow, Russia.

SUMMARY: 48 year old executive, currently living in Moscow, with more than 25 years experience in international business on five continents. Experience includes: writing speeches (including speeches for President Ronal Reagan); drafting executive and legal correspondence; drafting legal contracts; editing textbooks and geopolitical editions; adjunct teaching at the masters degree level; English-language conversation, accent reduction, and exam-preparation.

Closed company last year after largest client fell victim to the world financial crisis while owing Bryant Trust, Ltd. significant fees and reimbursements.

HIGHLIGHTS: The White House; US European Command; Council on Foreign Relations; Bolivia; Pakistan; India; Brazil; China; Argentina; Russia; Australia; Africa; Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi; Real Estate; Petroleum; Mining; Defense & Aerospace; Aviation; Restaurant Franchising; Country Presidents; Wealthy Individuals; Investment Banking; Private Pilot; Rainmaker. Wharton School; Harvard / Tufts; Accounting & Finance; Corporate Real Estate.

June 1990 - June 2009 Bryant Trust, Ltd.

Michael E. Bryant founded Bryant Trust, Ltd., originally established as a holding company in 1990 to acquire the shares of a nearly bankrupt industrial services company, Bryant Trust, Ltd. evolved since 1990 to acquire, start-up, and/or provide consulting services for many other companies in more than sixty countries worldwide, across multiple industries.

As President, Bryant managed the Bryant Trust holding company staff, which ranged in number from one to eight persons. Bryant also, in most cases, acted simultaneously as the hands-on Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer in the early months of each start-up venture or company acquisition. Each company started or acquired had employees numbering from five to one hundred twenty. Bryant was intimately involved in the operations, management, marketing/sales, and financial management of each activity of Bryant Trust, Ltd.


July 2001 M.A., International Relations
The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
Tufts University / Harvard University

December 1998 MBA, International Business & Corporate Real Estate

August 1982 B.S., Accounting & Finance

February 1999 Management Program, Supply Chain Management
The Logistics Institute, Georgia Institute of Tech

November 1998 CPA Certification (Certified Public Accountant)

April 1989 Series 7 & Series 63 Investment Sales Representative

October 1985 Executive Program, Mergers & Acquisitions
The Wharton School of Business, University of Penn

February 1979 Real Estate Sales License, State of South Carolina USA


 Languages: Student of Russian, Mandarin Chinese, & French

 Member, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, New York USA

 Private Pilot, Instrument-Rated

14-11-2009, 05:16
I am looking for native English speakers for the interchange:
I teach You piano, you teach me English. My resume: hh.ru/resume/493f003400865eb1