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28-10-2009, 10:51
For those from the states who know Goodwill, is there such a place in Moscow? I'm looking for a place that sells pants and shirts for maybe 150p, light coats for 240p... I've been told no such place exists in Moscow and that going to Voronezh is my best bet :-p All the second hand stores I've visited tend to be expensive still.

28-10-2009, 12:21
looking for a place that sells pants and shirts for maybe 150p - it seems to me at markets (veschevyye rynki) only. Or try . (http://www.famil.ru/)

04-11-2009, 18:58
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04-11-2009, 19:22
i would surgest you go out side the city circle yous hould find something,for example i know of a second hand store near oktobersky metro next to mvideo there prices arnt to bad,and the things seem to be of an ok quality for the price, i would say you want some thing pay more but get a good quality thing that will last buying cheap is always again, hope this is a help