View Full Version : Nobody knows who this boy belongs to!

waste not want not
08-01-2005, 21:12
Hey Guys maybe we could do something serious for a change I have sent this out to my entire data base today and
I ask you to do the same and maybe we can help this child. Thank you in advance!
Please Read Below.
>>>> Dear Colleague
>>>> This little boy is a survivor of the Tsunami Disaster in Asia BUT nobody
>>>> knows where his parents are and who he belongs to. On behalf of the The
>>>> Energy Exchange and World Refining Association can we ask that you
>>>> forward
>>>> this photo on in the hope that somebody might recognise him.
>>>> Thank you
>>>> Vincent Sevilla
>>>> Managing Director
>>>> The Energy Exchange Ltd and World Refining Association

08-01-2005, 21:22
I'm a sucker for stories with a happy ending.:)


waste not want not
08-01-2005, 21:43
Trebor, thanks for the update I just got the e-mail today

10-01-2005, 00:18
Wasn't he reunited with his father a day or two after the quake but the rest of his family died?

Without wishing to be cynical, what about the other thousands of orphans who don't have blonde hair?

waste not want not
10-01-2005, 00:32
You know I only can hope and pray that they are reunited with their families. I guess you are right this little guy had a better chance then some but don't knock the success of the one. The efforts of the person taking the picture and getting it out is to be commended.

10-01-2005, 01:12
I wasn't knocking anyone- but it was a huge story in the media about this particular little boy and I suppose we all know why it was him and not any of the other kids, that's all.

10-01-2005, 12:25
Yeah we know but do you? The kid is obviously a tourist and identifiable but only by someone in another country. Not knowing which country it was great to have the world media pitch in. What good is it going to do to put a Thai kid's picture in a New York newspaper. Can you point out one foreign kid who was ignored by the international media? Can you name one benifit that would come from putting the local kids' pictures up in the international media?

10-01-2005, 13:09

All we have to do is to check out your profile and look what you have written about your location to understand why you see the world so darkly.