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23-10-2009, 21:52
What do think about the Teachersí Folder.

Ok. The teachers folder has been running for a few years now. What do you think of it now. Is there any need for change and do you have any suggestions? Should there be any rules emphasised? Should it be for teachers only although it is public we can be more strict if that is what you want. DO you believe that should be no public personal attack to any member who is actively writing on this folder? Or should there be no personal attack period?

Or should we also have another public forum strictly for teachers, students, and parents of students one for those who wish to mingle and and communicate together. What do you think. With the mixed teacher, student and parents of students folder teachers can voluntarily help students etc with tutorials, advice and quizzes.

It would be promotional for the teachers and helpful to students and parents of students. What do you think?

We could also have a private group. That is a section for teachers to discuss privately for whatever topic they care about. Other forum members will not be able to read or interfere with. This sort of thing has been asked for in the past and it is now possible here.

It has been tried in different new forums, but the problem is that native teachers come and go in Russia, but with expat.ru the forum will never disappear, so one controller who disappears, another one can take over, and expat.ru will still be here, Thatís the safety of continuity.

So Comments please.

23-10-2009, 22:01
PM me if what you have to say is sensitive publicly. Make your comments here if you believe it is good for the benifit of all members on expat.ru

Ifit's of public interest post here.