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21-10-2009, 09:09
Apologies if this has previously been noted in this area of the Forum, but according to a post today by "Web" in relation to whether you need to have a Russian driving licence (entailing a written test, presumably in Russian))

"You DO NOT HAVE TO GET RUSSIAN DRIVER'S LICENCE if you do not have temporary or permanent residence. You can drive with your national driver's licence with a regular translation (international driver's permit), AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN RUSSIA BUT NOT LONGER THEN ONE YEAR as IDL is issued for a period of 1 year. Then you can just renew your IDL and keep drivin'

However, if you do get a residence here (temporary or permanent - вид на жительство), you have to go to pass the same written test as above and exchange your national driver's licence for a russian one in 60 days after you get the residence".

On the basis that this is correct, this may be quite an important factor to take into account before applying for temporary residency.

22-10-2009, 00:04
In the past, people have posted links to the website of the Russian traffic police, and the situation has been that:
temporary residency does not change your status as a driver, ie, your foreign license is still valid
permanent residency means that you need to get a Russian license, valid for the length of your residency - and yes, that means taking a written test, although if you have a valid foreign license, you can avoid the much-more-corrupt driving test

this info was correct as of 6 months ago, and at least the last cop who stopped me and saw my TRP didn't seem to think it had changed! :-)

21-05-2010, 10:47
Thanks, that answers my question.

Has anyone with PRP actually gone and got the Russian driver's license?

My situation is that I have a Russian driver's license, which is going to expire shortly, and I've just got TRP. So it makes sense for me to renew the license, and I was just wondering if anyone had done this recently, and what was required?

By the way, I did the Russian written test, 10 years or so ago. It wasn't that bad. Yes, it's in Russian, but frankly, I wouldn't advise anyone to drive here, on a regular basis, without speaking some Russian. And you will definitely be a better and safer driver if you know the rules, even if most Russian drivers don't, especially, it seems, the drivers of senior government officials.

22-05-2010, 09:38
"However, if you do get a residence here (temporary or permanent - вид на жительство), you have to go to pass the same written test as above and exchange your national driver's licence for a russian one in 60 days after you get the residence"
This is partially true - only for permanent residence. Temporary residents do NOT have to exchange license:

Постановление Правительство РФ от 15 декабря 1999 г. N 1396
Пункт 48:
"Иностранное национальное водительское удостоверение лица, переехавшего на постоянное жительство в Российскую Федерацию, на территории Российской Федерации считается недействительным по истечении 60 дней с даты получения в органах внутренних дел Российской Федерации разрешения на постоянное проживание в Российской Федерации"

30-06-2010, 09:27
This matches what I was told in Krasnoyarsk. When my International Drivers License expired in April I figured I'd need a Russian license. I managed to contact the head of the driving test examination board in the city who said he'd only discuss it with me once I had a medical spravka.

So, I went through the hassle of visiting several clinics to do the 7 tests (8 if your female) to prove (among other things) that I can see, have a working ticker, not mad and not alchohlic.

You will need this same certificate to get a Tekhosmotr too (if you own the car).

Anyway, once I had all that, I visited the head of the driving test examinations who said the following (which applies to UK citizens at least):

"While you are temporarily in Russia, on Visa or TRP, you should use your foreign driving license with a notarised translation. If and when you change residency status to permanent (i.e. get a PRP) you have 60 days in which to pass the driving theory test and obtain a Russian license. If you can't do it within 60 days you need to stop driving until you do get the license."

He said that the IDL was not necessary - which matches what I have found on the faces of the GAI officers who have checked my documents in the past. At least in Krasnoyarsk, they do not know what an IDL is.

The other news, which I found, is that the test is only available in Russian language ...

Being suspicious (I've lived here for a while now) I looked for a second opinion and point 44 of the law as stated at http://www.gai.ru/PermisDeConduire/p406/ seems to concur with what he told me.

"В Российской Федерации лица, временно пребывающие на ее территории, имеют право управлять транспортными средствами при наличии международного или иностранного национального водительского удостоверения, соответствующего требованиям Конвенции о дорожном движении 1968 года, записи в котором произведены или продублированы буквами латинского алфавита.

Иностранные национальные водительские удостоверения, не соответствующие требованиям указанной Конвенции, должны иметь заверенный в установленном порядке перевод на русский язык."