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ghost 6-3
29-12-2004, 09:11
Well, my son gave me the Dyed Moroz/Santa Claus question: Is he real.

So when did you learn that the Dyed/Santa wasn't so? And if you'd like to comment, when would you have liked to know.

29-12-2004, 10:26
Your options are rather limited. I don't remember ever thinking that he was real.

29-12-2004, 10:38
I would echo J.D.'s sentiment, I cant ever remember a time when I thought he was real either. My ex's kids said they believed in Santa until about 7-8 yrs old but I think they said it more for their mom than reality.

29-12-2004, 10:38
I was about 6 when I figured it out - I was snooping in my parents room looking for presents and I found a couple. On Christmas day one of the presents that I found well before Christmas was marked "From Santa." Being the sneaky lil s&^t that I was, I kept pretending to believe in him because I thought my folks would stop coughing up the GI Joes if I let on I knew the whole Santa thing was a fraud (mind you, this was 6 year old logic!).

So, what did you tell your son when he asked you about Ded Moroz/Santa Claus?

29-12-2004, 10:42
Yeah I knew and my parents knew that I knew. I really wanted to prove it to them logically too but I was worried that the game was over if I did that.

29-12-2004, 11:03
Oh, I remember thinking he was real. My parents even had a way to keep me from coming downstairs to satisfy my curiousity. They said if Santa ever saw a child spying on him, he'd vanish up the chimney with all his presents.

Anyway, one evening we were coming home from the late Christmas Eve church service and I must have seen a shadow of one of our cats move through the front window, and I was drop-dead sure it was Santa, in our living room, RIGHT NOW ! "STOP, WE CAN'T GO IN ! I SAW SANTA, HE'LL LEAVE AND TAKE AWAY OUR PRESENTS. NOOOOO"

It was half an hour before my parents could calm me down enough to convince me it was okay to enter the house.

I was six or seven when I found out. Bunch of older kids on a bus to summer camp told me. Bast*rds.

ghost 6-3
29-12-2004, 11:32
When my son asked me (I think it was the bigger kids on the school bus who set the seed of doubt in his mind), I asked him what he thought.

He said he wasn't sure, but that he really doubted that reindeer could fly, since he hadn't seen any other animals flying around - other than birds.

We finally decided to believe in Dyed Moroz/Santa Claus for one more year (when he'll be eight). He seemed to like that compromise.

I guess we got it right, then.

Thanks all,
ghost 6-3

29-12-2004, 11:37
Heh I was raised in church 2-3 times a week from first memories, probably explains why I dont attend nowadays. Anyway the Sunday School teachers never outright said Santa is a fraud, but they also never really left any room to believe in him either. I think I was 5 when I asked my mom when she and grandma were gonna quit writing 'from Santa' on the things they gave me. I then gave them a 5 minute dissertation on the true meaning of Christmas as taught by aforementioned sunday school. I was quite offended when they burst into fits of laughter after I had so eloquently presented my case to them....

DJ Biscuit
04-01-2005, 16:30
I too never believed in that stuff.

And I don't regret that at all. There's enough disappointment in life without having kids believe in stuff like god and santa!

And I suspect that most children older than four, at the very least have a sneaking suspicion that it's rubbish too.

04-01-2005, 18:16
Stopped believeing when I caught my mom reading my letter to Santa !!!!

Also she was finishing the half box sweets which I have left for him, only if I knew I would have ate all te sweets not just half !!!:p :p

06-01-2005, 10:35
My grandfather used to tape these little messages to me on cassettes. I think I got suspicious when Santa spoke with an East Texas twang, similar to how Papa spoke, but with loads of Ho-Ho-Hos, and jolly laughter. It was great though -- my grandfather asking Santa if he wanted some pecans for the reindeer, Santa saying sure, mighty kind of ya, and so on...And my grandfather of course reminding Santa how good I had been that year and to bring me all sorts of goodies (which he, of course did!)...And then my grandfather inviting Santa and, Mrs. Claus to come round for dinner with my grandfather and grandmother...so sweet!!!

Have no idea how old I was when I realised it was my grandfather -- maybe 4 or 5 or something. Couldn't tell him though. Would have ruined the fun of it all!!! I just always thought of Santa as being my Papa...:-)