View Full Version : skiing fans only? Herminater has resigned

14-10-2009, 08:44
the Austrian skiing legend Hermann Maier has resigned. well, for sure, alpine skiing will be poorer without him.But like the resignation of Schumi from Formula 1 it will give young Austrian (and others of course...) a chance to reach for the stars, or at least to be the Nr1 on the winning podest.
Maier, a storybook career, from bricklayer to million $ man,was amazing indeed. he won more or less everything that could be won in alpine skiing. and then a heavy motorcycle accident seemed to end his career. but with his iron will and help of his tam and trainers he made a comeback.
but now he said, he is not up to it anymore, his health is hampering him. and so he decided to call it a day.
but we know, that will not be the end of the Herminater, In association to Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER,also an Austrian and titled the Terminator, the Austrian and world press call him that... Maier did not say 'I will be back' but he will be...