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12-10-2009, 16:36
I usually swear by rough guides but I've tried to find two of their recommended internet cafés: Time online in Ohotny Ryad, walked up down and around the centre to no avail and nobody I asked knew, and Net City on Kemergesky Pereluok- just fancy restaurants so for the moment I'm stuck in overpriced cafemax (110p for 90 minutes for students). Anyone got any tips as to whether these places still exist/how to find them or any tips for cheap, accessible internet cafés? First hand knowledge would be, of course, especially useful.


12-10-2009, 17:28
Hi Tom,

"Time online" has two points of presence - one is inside underground mall "Ohotny Ryad", lowest level, and second one at Leningradsky vokzal
timeonline èíòåðíåò-ñàëîíû (http://www.timeonline.ru/salons.html)
So if you searched this cafe along streets, that's wrong.

About NetCity - I'm afraid that pafosny place like Kamergersky is not for Internet-cafe. Their phone is not answering (495) 692 0111. Very probably closed.

Also, if people have Internet at home and WiMax/WiFi accessible, they usually don't use internet cafés - progress + icy breath of crysis force them to close.

If you're student, maybe it's better to buy Yota wimax modem, pay 900 rub per month and have access (almost ;))everywhwere?

BTW, cafemax looks not so bad, you can call thm or browse website to find closer place:

Keep in mind MSU point is not working now.

13-10-2009, 16:51
Both TimeOnline and Net City are gone, as far as I know. Cafe Max is about all that's left, though if you have a wifi-capable laptop you'll find a lot of cafes have free wifi (McD's, Coffee House, etc).

The last place I used (semi) regularly was near Bagrationovskaya metro. 30r for 30 mins, but not much good unless you live nearby (I did at that time).

13-10-2009, 17:00
CafeMax is a really good one - been there quite a few times. It is also only about 20 meters from the metro.