View Full Version : finding work for a barman?

08-10-2009, 15:33
Im moving to moscow and im a expierenced mixologist or barman.is it easy to find a bartending job in moscow.I dont speak russian but speak fluent greek and english being form the u.s.any tips or offers please let me know?Also i wonderhow much does this job pay..is there alot of tips or salary/

08-10-2009, 16:04

I will ask my acquaintance where and how barmen can find a job (he is an owner of one cafe).

He told me that barmen's salary is usualy very small, but they got a lot of tips (can be 5 times more then the salary).

08-10-2009, 16:09
thank you man!!also if u have any connections for work or your friend let me know and who to contact?