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30-09-2009, 21:25

I was wondering if anyone here either is living in Moscow w/ a disability themselves or brought over a family member who has a disability? I'm curious about what life is like for expat "invalids" given the special privileges that many enjoy? I was born in Moscow but moved to the US when I was very small so although I speak the language fluently and without an accent (I can read and write cyrillic but kind of slowly and must admit my vocabulary isn't as advanced as it is in English), but I'm pretty clueless on day to day life there. I have a master's degree from an Ivy League university in the states and have thought about the inevitable opportunities that my language skills may provide me to work in a role that would boost my career with a multinational company. I use a wheelchair to get around so I've always seen Moscow as being somewhat off limits as I hear access is almost non-existent but with the aid of a personal driver it might be doable as then I wouldn't have to worry about transport.


30-09-2009, 22:11
Hi, Anya! It is true that the life in Moscow is more difficult for disabled people than it is for them in the Western countries (Europe and the US). But this applies to everybody who lives here after all. There is no such a high degree of comfort here for anyone. I do not have this experience myself, but I often read it the local newspaper for example where disabled people complain about lack of convenient ways (lifts, "panduses", etc.).
However, if you have a relative or a friend who could accompany and help you, it would be easier for you. You may try to read the forum of the site Miloserdie.ru or ask a question there. This site deals mostly with acute needs of help and organizes social care for the old, disabled and other people who are in a desperate need. But I think, you can also share your concerns there and get advice. (It's in Russian).

Good luck!