View Full Version : New Expat look is bad,not easy to use

30-09-2009, 10:54
did someone who designed this newest version think of the most difficult ways to navigate EXPAT ?
I am a long term member and the simple easy tab of finding other members here on EXPAT has been removed !

So , Now how can we find other member here on Expat? Should I go to the street and stop people and ask "are you on EXPAT.RU"? "What is your EXPAT ID "?

please someone send me the link to me VIA PM so I can save this option.......

To whoever decided to improve EXPAT , next time ask if we want these changes before you stuff them down our throats

Newer versions should be easy.... so anyone think I am joking, go to "search" open it add "member" or any form...see what you get NOT what I want or need....definately not what I searched for .......

EXPAT FIX this glitch/gluk

01-10-2009, 00:38
Hi kapione!

Here is your link:


Go to "Search" then on the drop down menu go to "Advanced Search". You may then type in the "User Name" field on the right hand side of the page. Lastly go to the bottom and click on "Search Now".

Alternatively, please let us know if you decide to stand in the streets and ask passers by. Post something in Local Events. I'd like to come and watch! he he he