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19-12-2004, 16:04
OK, where - other than Stockman's - could one reasonably expect to find cookie cutters and decorations for making Christmas Cookies (colored sugar, etc)?

20-12-2004, 12:21
oops! should have read your post before posting mine. i've all but given up on cookie cutters. my mom brought me some colored sugar when she visited - got lucky!

20-12-2004, 13:10
Seen all sorts of cookie decoration stuff (stars, beads, etc..) at 7th Continent.

20-12-2004, 13:11
aha! thanks sunstorm

20-12-2004, 14:13
If you really want cookie cutters, why not make some from scratch, as a holiday project for the family...?

Take a coffee can or something and cut it into strips about an inch wide using a pair of tin shears. Then take some pliers (two pairs, one needlenose) and bend them into the shapes you want. (With a bit of practice, you could make some pretty elaborate designs.)

Just tamp the ends down to close them; they don't need to be soldered or riveted.

Don't think you'd have trouble finding pliers or tin shears at a DIY today....

Then you'd have a neat set of homemade Christmas mementoes to use each year and pass on to your kids. (Or at least until something better came along.) :D

20-12-2004, 14:16
Thanks Shat, you are truly a Renaissance man. Got any solutions for an arrogant cat?

20-12-2004, 14:19
Male, female, or neutered?

20-12-2004, 15:37
first find me a coffee can (why is it i only find bags??) then lemme borrow your pliers! ;)
i thought about wire hangers but those'd be some crummy looking gingerbread men!

20-12-2004, 15:42
Coffee cans?!? I've got about a dozen empty ones stashed in cupboards at home and at work! You can find canned coffee at Ramstore and Kopeika, for sure. (Nescafe, Maxwell House.... You can use the cans to make Boston brown bread, too.)

I've got pliers at home that I bought at my local rynok; better ones are available at home improvement places, I'm sure.

(Actually, I think Valentinovna's suggestion about the Play-Dough cutters is a better option.....)

20-12-2004, 17:50
ah, because i refuse to buy instant coffee! (or not?)
(i think the playdough cutters sounds way more fun! haha)

23-12-2004, 16:06
We made cookie cutters out of beer cans, you can just cut into them with scissors and twist them with your fingers.

23-12-2004, 16:08
great idea! and it involves beer, too! =)