View Full Version : Freelancer's Delight: Center Room (NovemberSometime)

25-09-2009, 10:10
Novokuznetskaya - Tretyakovskaya - Paveletskaya
Approx. 17m2 (183ft2) 2-room
7th floor flat with private balcony

Ideal for teacher: Unlimited private lessons
- Moscow nonresident owner

Asking 20k rubles monthly, 20k deposit.
2k reduction for cleaning flat

New kitchen, washing machine,3 supermarkets,
on tramway(no's A,3, 39) and nearby tram stop.

No's: smoking, drinking, noise, girl/boyfriend
Must's: maintain cleanliness in shared spaces,
cool flat temp

PM with email for location maps

25-09-2009, 18:02
What precisely are you renting? A school classroom or a flat? And shared spaces?

And what do you mean about no boyfriend or girlfriend. How about married couples? Is the deposit refundable?

25-09-2009, 18:13
Thank you Bels. It's a room in a two-room flat. It could be used just for a classroom, but it's a great location for living. Shared spaces are the usual kitchen and bath. I live in the second room. The deposit is refundable.

26-09-2009, 00:31
I keep thinking about Moscow mainstream, but now September has come I am too busy in the Rublevo area. In fact I am now flooded with enquiries of which I can't handle all of them.

It;s a good idea though, because I used to use a flat of similar size. But if you can get through the Russian redtape a government classroom would be much cheaper with more outside facilities. Normally it;s best to hire an internal cleaner and pay her a 1000p per month. She's cleaning the premises anyway on a salary.

My opinion is split at the moment, whether to teach local groups. or whether to not bother with this Russian redtabe and bribes garbage, and simply teach the rich oligarch children at their homes. I really am thinking now. Satisfaction as a teacher? Or financial care for my family as my wife states that's the way it should be. The problem is that the Oligarchs don;t quibble about the price, yet the ones we want to help as a community are always moaning about a very good price.