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22-09-2009, 23:12
Those who have read the few posts i have made.. Now know i'm always on about cars.. Here is my next question then! KIT CARS! Do they exist in Moscow?

29-09-2009, 11:28
Are you referring to actual kit cars or the practice of 'konstruktor', which legalizes an imported car duty-free using a different car's documents (first declaring an "engine swap", registering the new VINs, and then declaring a "body swap" that leaves only the engine, and registering the rest of the car into the documents with a new VIN)?

29-09-2009, 21:27
No. I'm referring to actual kit cars mate!

29-09-2009, 21:49
No KIT car in Russia still. it is too compicated to import them + there are quite few need (people who wasnt to drive it) in Russia.