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22-09-2009, 08:47
hi guys,please can you help me,im going to be marrying in moscow in the very near future,to a lovely and caring woman,im an english 35 year old man and i would like to give living in moscow a try to see how it goes,having visited over 50 times in the past 8 years and i love the place.i have no teaching experience,but have much experience managing employees.my plans are to find a school and gain a certificate teaching english and then finding a job teaching at the end of the course.i know there are a few schools there in moscow that do these courses,can any of you please point me in the right direction of a likely school i can visit on my next trip in october,that will for sure take me on as a student, and then maybe give me a job afterwards. i know the course will cost around 1000 pounds,where is the best place to go and the best person to speak with regarding this?.i have no university degree,thanks in advance guys,i really appreciate your help


22-09-2009, 11:03
Hi, here's a good start.

Teaching English in Russia | BKC-International House | ESL / EFL Jobs in Russia, in Moscow: ESL, EFL, TEFL Jobs. Teaching positions in Russia. (http://www.bkcih-moscow.com/)

22-09-2009, 12:03
Ithink this is the only suitable choice in the whole of Moscow. I don't there is a Trinity for example. Amazing that they have monopoly for such a large city.