View Full Version : Conjunctions for upper intermediate/Advanced

21-09-2009, 13:53
I have a student who needs help with conjunctions (Upper intermediate or advanced not basic conjunctions.) Does anyone know of any good books or websites or even any Russian texts that he can translate that will use these conjunctions.
Thanks for any info.

21-09-2009, 15:09
"Prepositions & Linking Words" by T. Drozova is a great and terrible book.
'Great' for the content but terrible for the editing.
Once you get it 'cleaned up' it is really great.

21-09-2009, 23:59
Have you ever tried original English native speaking current news articles or blogs from the internet of which your student might be interested in? Get several copies and delete the conjuctions from one. Keep practicing, and you will get somewhere.

Obviously upper intermediate course books covers this subject quite a bit, as well as such area as adjective and adjectives of similar meaning, with prefixes and suffixes use. Another area difficult for Russian students. Lots of practice and work with fun.

Yes the blogs and articles might well be boring for the student in set coursebooks, so get other current subjects from the internet that can do the same as what the coursebook you use is trying to do.