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21-09-2009, 01:35
It looks like the Expat.ru community can look forward to a very special cinema:
Pioneer Cinema, It's an initiative by friends of mine.

Where only 35MM so far is feeding our hunger for an enjoyable cinema experience in Moscow, Pioner Cinema is going to focus on Arthouse and Classic films. The great thing is that Russian films will have English subtitles, which is a great chance for many to indulge in Russian movies that weren't really accessible anywhere for those who don't master the Russian language.

Pioner opens on October 14th, and with the people behind it, I'm currently discussing:
- Movie night for Expats (which means Expat.ru members, whether expats or not)
- Ticket raffles/competitions
- Tickets to the opening night.
All three topics are decided on positively already, but I will ask you for some input, so this can be a mutual success!

This would be blatant advertising (erhm... it is, actually...) if it was not for the fact that this cinema is really interested in making sure that the expat community is being served with an interesting variety of movies.

Don't expect the new blockbusters here, rather expect so movies you just should see (whether you are Russian or not) if you ever want to claim to have picked up anything on Russian movie culture.

This place is not going to be a competitor to 35mm (the only cinema that seems to realize that dubbing ain't bliss), rather an addition.