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20-09-2009, 14:59
Som we all try to draw people. But the first problem is how to paint skin.

I have prepared the lesson for those who wants to learn the simple method on painting clean and lighting inside skin. Here is it:

1. Firstly we need a clean scetch of our human.
There You can make the contours of the body form to be sure it has symmetry. It also helps to see whether You construct the body accurately.

ypok1.jpg picture by fantazycat - Photobucket

2. After finishing #1, fill the scetch with on special colour You've chosen to be basic. The secnd colour after the lightest will be good (from the palette) So, fill it up and we get:

ypok2.jpg picture by fantazycat - Photobucket

It is recommended to make a pallete which is very helpful, use it regularly for this artwork, otherwise You are risking to miss the tone.


I also can offer You mine :) It is universal for woman's (porcelain colour) skin :)

3. Using the pallete start to add dark colours to the shadow area. When darking be sure that this work principe is the same aquarel painting: dark over the light. You've finished darking. Use http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/fantazycat/finger.jpg with intesity of 30-40% (the size is one You prefer) and make the borders of the colours softer.

As for strong skin lines (contour) try not to make them black, the same for the light ones. There is very useful brush mode in Adobe Photoshop - Multiply. I also use it to make the skin "juicy", sunburnt and ect..
For example:

http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/fantazycat/modes.jpg http://th09.deviantart.com/fs41/300W/f/2009/049/8/a/Aries_15_by_Lynx_Catgirl.jpg

4. What we have is:

ypok3.jpg picture by fantazycat - Photobucket ypok4.jpg picture by fantazycat - Photobucket
ypok6.jpg picture by fantazycat - Photobucket

1.) That's what the lightest colour in the pallete for: lightest areas, joints and blinks. Also You can try Linear Burn in Brush Mode. Be careful, do not be into it very much and make the Opacity maximum - 40%, othewise the colours You get will be too flaring.

2.) See #1. Accurate, clear and light lines show the light direction. To go from the light to dark don't forget using http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/fantazycat/finger.jpg.

3.) Don't forget about the reflexions or body parts will be flat or, much worse, it'll be like gradient! Also use Multiply Mode, avoid BLACK colour this time. learn to work with colour presets and palletes.

4.) If you draw nude than mark the pointing body parts, which You are going to cover with the clothes in the end. The nuance You have made serves You well when You decide to draw transparent clothes.

5.) Do not forget about other shadows from clothes on the skin. Remember the body has its relief in order to make the body contour accurate. I also recommend to use Multiply Mode here.

In result we have a nice girl with nice light skin :)


Tutorials by: Рыська (http://demiart.ru/forum/index.php?showuser=13745) 06 March 2009 (lynx_catgirl)