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17-09-2009, 17:04
Here is another announcement of a running exhibition. The last (so far) but not the least.

The State Historical Museum runs an exhibition of the photos of the Impreror Romanov family made by the Swiss photographer Pierre Gilliard. It is till September 28. The link is only in Russian.

Государственный Исторический музей (http://www.shm.ru/ev66517.html)

Have not visited it yet, but hope to find time for it, too. The main attraction of the exhibition is that it shows photos of the Tsar's family in their everyday, usual, common life, not on some official occasions. Here is a brief summary of the content.

The Swiss photographer Pierre Gilliard (1879-1962) spent 13 years at the last Russian tzar's court as a teacher to the daughters of Nikolay II - Olga, Tatyana, Maria and Anastasia. Then he also was a mentor for the heir - crown prince Alexey who suffered from an incurable disease - haemophilia. Pierre Gilliard was with the tzar's family during all their journeys and family celebrations. He also was with them during their exile in their last tragic days. In May 1918 in Ekaterinburg he was separated from the tzar's family by bolsheviks, for unknown reasons. It was a miracle that he survived and was not executed by bolsheviks. In July 1918 the White army occupied Ekaterinburg and started an investigation into the murder of the tzar family. Pierre Gilliard saw it as his duty to participate in the investigation and did not leave Russia until it was finalized in 1920. He secretly managed to transfer his photo archive to France and then to Switzerland. He published two books - The tragic destiny of Nikolay II and his family (1921) and Lzheanastasia (PsuedoAnastasia) (1929). He was a talented photographer and made numerous photos of the last Russian empreror's family which are a unique historic evidence.