View Full Version : Friend visiting Russia, Tourist or Private Visa??

16-09-2009, 15:22
I (US citizen) am here on a business visa through my husband (EU citizen), who is working here in Moscow. My friend (EU citizen) would like to visit us for 4 days early next month and stay in our flat instead of staying at a hotel.

Is it true that my friend would still need to book a hotel since this will be the easiest way to obtain a visa (tourist)?

Is it possible to obtain a visa (private) through my husband's company, or is that too complicated and would take longer?


16-09-2009, 15:27
It is worth going to russia with Tourist visa (much faster and not complicated)...

I worked in an international company, and when the business trip was needed very urgent, people applied for tourist visa to Russia.

You can book the hotel but it does not mean you will have to stay there.

and Registartion can be made via your husband's company...

17-09-2009, 10:53
Personally, I think the easiest thing would be to go through a visa agency like visahouse.ru. In fact in many foreign countries there are visa agencies that can sort this out for you - try Google - I've used ruvisa.co.uk in the UK.
I would not worry too much about registration for a four day stay. My brother in law came to stay for a week about five years ago, he didn't get registered, and it wasn't a problem at all.

The only time you will need a registration is if you come across one of the bribe-seeking policemen who sometimes hang around expat bars around midnight. These kind of people will find an infringement even if you have registration - you just need to negotiate a bribe or whatever as soon as you can, and be on your way. If you are not going to be going out late, I would not bother. For instance, I've been living here for ten years, and have never been stopped by this sort of cop. If your friend is black-skinned, or could be mistaken for a Caucasian, then you might have problems with the boy policemen in the metro, but if you are smartly dressed, they will ignore you. Again, I haven't been stopped on the metro, even though I take it every day - they are looking for scruffy potential Chechen terrorists or illegal workers from Central Asia.

Bottom line, this is a very simple visa question, and the easiest thing would be to find a friendly agency in your friend's home country, who should be able to handle it for you.