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14-09-2009, 18:29
Is it easy to buy a printer to use with my lap-top in Moscow?

14-09-2009, 18:48
Hm-m-m... It depends on printer you need... If you need to print money or plastic IDs, it can be small issue, if you just want to print documents, graphics or photos - it's not an issue... for a bottle of universal antidepressant you can even hire a bear to carry it from the shop to your home...

26-09-2009, 19:31
As a piece of advice
Brother is a good printer, inexpensive and relyable, hl-2032 model

Thank youh

26-09-2009, 20:14
Is it easy to buy a printer to use with my lap-top in Moscow?

There are huge ammounts
of computer stores in Russia. You can easy find any you like.

I worked for one computer company that's why my advice is following:

1. inkjet printer for home use is better (if you are going to print small ammount of pages + photo printing);
2. the cost for a printer is 30-70$
3. Supplies are not problem;
4. I would recommend two companies: HP and Epson first of all (cost per printing page, cost per cartridge)
5. Supplies for HP, Epson, Cannon are easy to find
on the shelf in retail.

26-09-2009, 20:17
or you can buy my HP printer)) well. it's new and good :ok: but I am moving

10-10-2009, 18:24
It is very strange question. Do you need a printer? Or not? If you need and your notebook have WiFi i advise you to buy HP product's something with WiFi support. It's extremally convenient.