View Full Version : What Is The Expat Teacher Community In Russia Like?

12-09-2009, 02:45
What sort of profession makes up the bulk of expats in Russia?

I'm wondering if there is a large expat EFL teacher community. In South Korea the vast majority of expats were teachers (and alcoholics) and it was always a surprise when the odd person said they were there doing something else.

Of course, Korea is very protectionist and only allows foreign companies to operate in special 'economic zones'.

In Thailand, the vast majority of expats were...well, I'd rather not get into that. Needless to say that English teachers will be English teachers...

12-09-2009, 16:44
I get the sense there is a large teaching group here. But that isn't all. A lot of folks are country managers for some foreign company. Or working for an accounting or construction or law firm. Or a bank.

16-09-2009, 07:24
I find most are teachers. I'm teaching until I can find a better job in Russia...

16-09-2009, 15:00
I think that there are comparitively very few of us that are EFL teachers in Russia. And thank goodness for that, as there would be enough studets to share among us.

I think that their are a lot more expats here in other professions. Look at the teachers' folder, as there are only a few teachers now active in that folder.

Those EFL teachers in expat who are resident in Moscow are more likely to be private teachers with their own students or they are self employed freelancers, otherwise they wouldn't be earning enough income to keep their family.