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09-09-2009, 18:02
I have a vista laptop, and a d-link G604T wireless router in my flat. The laptop connects fine to the router, but there is no connection between the router and the internet. Indeed, when I try to load an internet explorer page, the 'cannot display this page' page appears. This confuses me, as when I try to connect to other unsecured networks in the building, it automatically redirects the internet page to a login screen - I would expect the same thing to happen with my network?

The girl at work who sorts this stuff out has rang the supposed internet provider for my building, and I have paid for an account with them - it's just that I do not see any login screen. It seems like there is a problem with my router - does anyone know of any settings I could fiddle with (i've tried resetting etc) which might resolve the problem?

Many thanks

09-09-2009, 18:18
Is router connected to Internet provider - is telephone cable (with ADSL signal) plugged in? Does wired telephone line work at all? Maybe you have a due to MGTS and they've disconnected cable at the station?

09-09-2009, 18:25
To setup your router and PC from scratch afresh, in case of some kind of corruption, open network connections in control panel and check there are no existing connections already set for the network adapter you want to use, (as they could hold differing login details than for the connection you want to build).

If there are any, delete them. This is because the network adapter needs to free, and not have any existing bindings which belonged to another ISP.

Go into control panel, internet settings, connections - and delete anything shown under dial up and virtual private network settings. Further down the page you should see a LAN button. Click it. Make sure the box that says automatically detect settings is ticked.

The normal thing to do is cable connect your computer with a straight (not a crossover!) ethernet cable to the No1 ethernet port on the router.

Power up the router.

Open internet explorer.

Type in the browsers address bar and hit the return key.

You should now see the router login screen.

If not find the reset button on the router and press it in and hold for a couple of seconds (may require a paperclip) - and then repeat the last step.

If it still doesn't work try or refer to your routers handbook.

Default access password to the router commands area is usually something like:-

Login: Admin, admin

Password: Admin, admin, 1234, 12345...

Then follow the ISP's parametres to make the router work, which will include various details like what type of connection you have, your designated login and ISP password details etc.

Hope that helps with your dilemma :)

I've tried resetting etc...

That will cause the router to revert to factory norms and drop all specific user information for the connection - hence would explain your problems, and underlines the reasoning in my advice about setting the router and computer connection parametres up from scratch once more... ;)

16-09-2009, 11:23
Many thanks for all your help

However - I have followed your advice and still cannot connect. I have managed to connect to the router using the number/username/password you gave me, but as soon as I am logged in to the router, I don't really know what to do to make it connect to the net. Could you please tell me what the following means:

"Then follow the ISP's parametres to make the router work"

Are there any settings on the router you would recommend I change in order for it to connect?

Many thanks


16-09-2009, 14:26
Every ISP use different parameters,i suggest to you call your service provider (or that girl can call ) and explain your adsl device brand and model and ask what kind of configuration should be done on that ADSL Wireless Router and your username password details or call them to send a techician to make that all configuration.

Plus that ADSL model should be supported by your service provider.Not all ADSL modems supported by ISP`s here in Russia as i know..

17-09-2009, 10:54
you may also find that some IPSs here (incl cable providers) really like locking your device's MAC (hardware address) in their authentication database so that only that device is allowed to connect

E.g you have to tell them expressly the MAC address ( ipconfig /all on a Windows PC, it's called 'physical address') of your device whether it is your router or your directly connected PC, no other device will be allowed to connect. If you register your router's MAC then you can switch PCs but if you register your PC, only that PC will be permitted

Also, some providers use VPN, e.g you must install their poorly written software VPN clients in order to get on the Net which is darn stupid as it slows down your PC and messes up some routers

18-09-2009, 19:06
Did you try clasicall turn-off, turn-on

sme providers and some modems specialy just have to correctly recognize a device on the other side and for it worthy to turn-off everything and starting it turning on as signal goes
1) modem once is fully initialized
2) router once is fully initialized
3) laptop

I know that it sounds stupid, but worked for me