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08-09-2009, 19:25

I lived in Moscow for already 1 year, with a visa, work permit, accreditation card, registration (by the company) and I rent a flat “legally” since my Landlord is ready to register me.

Finally a few weeks ago I decided to buy a cheap car (Renault Logan) from a dealership, but now that the car arrived I am receiving different echoes from the procedure to be able to have plates and use the cars from my wife, who is not from Moscow, and from my work colleagues.

Small problem they are all Russians and I get mixed up in the procedure, does anyone foreign has bought a car in Russian and driving with it could explain the procedure he followed and the necessary papers?


Alexandre :thumbsup:

08-09-2009, 20:04
Hi! There is a special department of GIBDD in Moscow where N for cars owned by foreign people should be registered:
the 6 th Radialnaya street, 2, tel 327-99-47.

I will try to find additional information what should be done (what is a procedure).

Actually, recently shops (which sell cars) did registarion of N of a new car as an additional service....

08-09-2009, 22:17
Yes please, the procedure and documents in fact the ahrd stuff is my poor russian ;-( Still learning...

But I will try the number tomorrow hopefully they speak English ....

"Actually, recently shops (which sell cars) did registarion of N of a new car as an additional service...."

Yes I was proposed this service but then they turned around when they new I was foreign ... Too complicated...

09-09-2009, 00:04

They refused doing that may be because the foreign department of GBDD is more under control so:

The list of docs and other things for registration to be prepared (everything in russian should be):

1/ the application form (zayavleniye)*;
2/identification document of the owner (your international passport);
3/document prooved that the tax (special registration fee) is paid (payment doc. russian call "платежка"**
4/passpot of the car (russian call it "passport transportnogo sredstva) it was given with a car when you bought it;
5/the car itself (it is not a joke, you should show the car to the policemen at the registration point)***;
6/insurance police OSAGO (you must have got an obligatory insurance for your car called OSAGO);
7/a contract according to which you bought a car or any documents which proof it is you, who bought a car;
8/your own registartion-in-Moscow document (which proof, where you live in Moscow and untill what date you are registered);

* in the application form there should be mentionned the date of your presence in Moscow according to your own registration and registartion of your car will be done (and there will be a note "untill") untill the date of your registartion in Moscow;
** you should go first to the Department to take a blank with bank requisites and to pay the fee via Sebrbank. It must be done beforehand and in this case you do not need the car for going there;
*** my advice (when all docs are ready) is to wash your car inside (motor) and outside;Cause the policemen will compare the number of the motor and the number mentionned in the passport of your car

Another advice from my experience: it is worth coming to the registartion procedure 20 minutes before working day (there can be a lot of reps of international companies with the same task); I mean the final registration with all docs prepared;

Upf! That is all!
You will really need a guy who will help you with filling the forms and interpreting, talking to the policemen, I guess even the policemen there speak english (I am sure the accent will be difficult to be understood). :)

POSITIVE THINGS: everything sounds too complicating but actually it is not so horrible if you know how it works.

09-09-2009, 00:05
everything (the short sum.) was taken from gai.ru/registartion

09-09-2009, 01:06
I have a problem with the interpretation of "registration" ... What is it exactly ?

1 - I am registered by my company at my office adress (small registration document given each time I come back to Russia and send back before I leave Russia), In that case does it means that I have to change plates each time I leave ? Or should the accreditation card be enough ?


2 - The registration that my Landlord can do for the flat that I rent ?

This point is not very clear ...

Thansk for your Help


09-09-2009, 20:16
Good question, as I understand it is N2 (it is similar to any other russian citizens coming to moscow for a long period of time).

They should proof that they are going to live here long with a registration (their registration with the address where they live) and then they can get ID for the car (if they need moscow ID)....

But I will try to check tonight....

09-09-2009, 21:55
the registration of your home address in Moscow