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10-12-2004, 10:19
Registration issues - seems like the more you ask, the more the issues are unclear.

We received a LOI for multiple entry/exit visas from Go To Russia (internet HQ in Atlanta) this past summer, assuming that we could get registered in the flat we are renting (as we had done with our previous LOI provider).

Upon arrival in Moscow, GTR instructed us to go to their Go To Russia office in Moscow to get registered. That is a big joke because they don't have an office here. They get LOI's from several different travel agencies in Moscow - they got ours from Steppe 2000.

Steppe 2000 told us at that time that they didn't have the right to register us in flats, but they were doing it through a hotel and the cost to us was $35/person for the first month, etc. (When I called GTR in Atlanta about this, they said we should have told them we needed to get registered in a flat and not a hotel and they would have chosen a different travel agent for us. Should have been obvious to them since we were getting a yearlong multi entry/exit visa)

Yesterday, Steppe 2000 told us that "just this week" they received the right to register people in the flat they were renting. Cost $150/6months/person.

Question 1. In our situation, can we get registered in our rental flat without having to pay these outrageous prices to Steppe 2000? If yes, - how?

Question 2. What is the max time limit for registration in this situation: 3, 6, 12 months?

Question 3. Assuming we are able to get registered in our flat, what do we need to be aware of in relation to our "registration" when we leave and come back to Russia on short trips? Do we need to get "reregistered" each time we return?

Question 4. After each short trip when we return to Russia (on the same multiple entry/exit visa), do we also need to get our migration card stamped by somebody else other than Passport control?

I realize the facts today may be changed tomorrow by new rules but it would help us to know what the current rules are.

10-12-2004, 10:39
I believe that registration now is limited to 6 months for foreigners on ME visas. So, for an ME, you will need to register twice (although in your case, yo might be registering more than twice, if I understand the situation correctly.)

The immigration card will have a stamp with your registration on it, and your passport will also be stamped with the registration on it. When you leave the country -- regardless of for how long or to where -- you surrender your immigration card. When you return, you get a new one. The registration then will only be in your passport, but not on any immigration cards you receive after surrending the initial one on which you registered. That is, until the 6-month registration expires and you and you need to re-register.

Confused? Welcome to Russia...! Just remember, you're dealing with a bureaucracy...:-)

Good luck!

10-12-2004, 11:45
I had the same problem when I got my visa. I did it first through one in NY. Cost me $700. I just assumed that they would register me here for free given that price. No. They refered me to a travel agent that registers me every month at a hotel for $30. Sucks. Oh the joys of living in Russia.
Don't get me started on the futility of the whole registration thing. I could go on and on.