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10-12-2004, 10:00
can you suggest a normal "western" place in moscow to give birth? One that I can go, sign a contract, pay, and be certain that everything will go well, my wife will get reasonable attention by the midwife and my newborn will not get dropped on the floor or something - all this withough bribing everybody from the zav otdeleniem to the floor cleaner??

During the pregnancy we're going to AO Medicina on Tverskaya-Yamskaya, which is an absolutely great place - completely up to standards, but they don't have a roddom, and for birth send you to a regular clinic, where it all starts - you either pay up or are not guaranteed any attention.

Thanks for any advice.


10-12-2004, 10:11
My daughter was born almost ten years ago at a roddom just off of the Sadovoye koltso (Zubovskii bulvar) near Park kultury metro station---don't remember the official name of the place, but it's part of a large, modern hospital complex, perfectly clean and with decent service (my ex was competely satisfied with the place).

Cost back then was around $2000, all inclusive.

It's about 100 meters behind the State Treasury Building on Zubovskii pl., right off the no. 15 trolleybus line and at the north end of the hospital complex.

10-12-2004, 10:16
To put it mildly, I am incapable of giving birth - but 2 friends of mine recommend the Centre for Reproductive Health, located near m.Sevastopolskaya. Considering that one of these friends is a physician herself, I would give this recommendation some weight.

10-12-2004, 10:37
Thanks for your reply! You are probably talking about the Setchenova klinic, we've been there.. The way I understood the discussion there, it is exactly the type of the clinic I am trying to avoid - all payments go offline, and you are guaranteed proper attention only if you pay (all) the right people. I am glad you had a good experience, though, cause my wife is saying "so what as long as they do a good job" and seriously considering it.

10-12-2004, 10:42
My ex, being Russian, handled all of the arrangements, including payment, so I can't say exactly what went on in this regard. However, her sister is a physician (and a very good one), and she was the person who recommended the place to us.

I visited my ex there, and everything seemed to me to be very well-run; that was my personal observation.

In this country, you probably will end up paying under the table for decent service no matter which roddom you go to.

10-12-2004, 12:27
Friends of mine also had a good experience with the clinic on Sevastopolsky prospect.

11-12-2004, 11:35
I'm studying to become a doctor in obstetrics and I can say that Sevastopolski is really the best. My sister and my mother gave birth there.
Sechenova (though I'm studying in Sechenov' University) is not so good.

11-12-2004, 21:34
I went to the birth clinic in Matveyevskoe, mainly because we had helped the hospital with equipment and staff training and knew they'd be decent. I also liked the doctors (they followed me throughout) and the other staff, I got a lot of attendion and friendly support and ALL the staff was very kind, 7 years ago the cost was $1000. I don't know how things are now, I've heard things have changed to the worse there. My friends swear by the birth clinic in Vidnoe in terms of flexibility, support and friendliness. As far as equipment goes, I was warned and told stories about high-tech commodities being wheeled out for prospective parents to gloat over, contracts of several $1000 being consequently signed, and none of this showing up at the crucial moment (not much you can do....)

11-12-2004, 22:12
My son was born in clinic "Zdorovoe pokolenie". Birth clinic located at Sevastopol'ski prospect. All i can say i was really grateful to all collective at that clinic. We had lots of problems and doctors did a perfect job!!!!!!!!!

12-12-2004, 22:05
Could you please let me know the name and address of the hospital ,roddom , at sevastapolski prospekt

12-12-2004, 22:17
Originally posted by miniya
Could you please let me know the name and address of the hospital ,roddom , at sevastapolski prospekt

113152, Sevastopol'ski prospekt 24
phone: 331-6967, 718-2088

metro station Profsouznaya, bus - 168, 57. 3 stops. Big grey building.

14-12-2004, 08:39
I gave birth at the clinic @ Sevastopolski prospect about 6 months ago. I was very satisfied with the experience - very good doctors, very civilized conditions. My husband was present - everything like in a western type of clinic...

I would strongly recommend to sign up a contract with them - about $1500. PM me if you are interested in any other details.

14-12-2004, 09:00
I know a foreign woman who will be giving birth here in Moscow in February. She has no private health insurance. From everything I've heard from women who've done it the old fashioned state run way--having a baby in one of these public hospitals is a gruesome experience. I would go into details of what I've been told.....but nobody wants to hear that, for sure.

So my friend is resigned to the public hospital nightmare. I feel terrible for her. Are there some of these birthing hospitals that are more mother friendly than others? Can anybody recommend a place where my friend might be spared the Soviet grin-and-bear-it method without paying a lot of money or having private health insurance?

I'd really like to help her. Thanks.

the Patient
14-12-2004, 14:11
Does anybody know anything about giving birth in nearby countries? Somewhere accessible by train... Scandinavia? Baltics?

What are the costs like? Is it reasonable to move out of the country last weeks of pregnancy for a woman?

16-12-2004, 17:28
My wife gave birth at the Centre for Family Planning and Reproduction on Sevastopolskaya, for about $1100, in 2000. We were basically happy with how things went. They tend to hospitalise pregnant woman at the first sign of any problem, and they made my wife take too many hormones. The birth was OK, and I was there.

The doctors there decided, wrongly, that there was a problem with my daughter, and she was packed off to a pediatric hospital. The diagnosis was in line with standard Russian medical practice, so I can't complain, but Russian medicine is Russian medicine. If the professor says so, it must be true. Apparently pediatrics was not that prestigious in Soviet times, so there has not been much research done here, and I get the sense that Russian medicine doesn't have much respect for anything not invented here.

This time round, we are doing the pre-birth stuff at the EMC. The likelihood is that my wife will give birth at the CFPR, so that's a recommendation. You will have to pay, but it's not that much.

I recommend that you have your partner look at mama.ru, assuming she can speak Russian. Or eva.ru.

16-12-2004, 17:32
I doubt that you will be able to give birth abroad unless you or your partner are a citizen of the country in question. Problems with citizenship rights then occur, and I do not think that a clinic or hospital will accept women coming in from abroad to give birth, unless there is a strict law prohibiting immigration and citizenship in such circumstances. Even if you have no intention of looking to emigrate or have the child registered as a citizen, there may not be a way to separate you from those who do have such intentions.

Remember that the Baltics are now EU member states.

16-12-2004, 18:24
Word of warning re CFPR - all reports are that there are now long queues and waits - they have become too popular for their own good. We had 2 kids there and NO complaints - excellent facilities and kind staff. However, the next one (on the way) will be at the Setchenova klinic - following a recommended OB-GYN

16-12-2004, 18:29
Can anyone share their experience with Sechenova clinik btw??