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Larry Paradine
28-08-2009, 21:38
The above mentioned organisation has just opened a school in Samara and advertised for teachers. Several people have contacted me, presumably because of my long experience of living and working in Samara, and asked me if I know anything about St. George International. Unfortunately I'm unable to comment as I hadn't even heard of it before. Their website provides information for students but not much for teachers; even if it was more informative, many teachers might prefer a fly on the wall's view before applying for the job. Apparantly they already have a school in Moscow, so perhaps some forum members can offer first hand information?

The ad itself sounds okay, perhaps a little too much so. Salary is 500 roubles an hour for a 36 hour week. I work that out at 18,000 roubles a week, so let's say 75,000 roubles a month. For Samara, that's good. If, of course, the teacher is employed on a monthly salary basis (i.e. 75,000 roubles a month irrespective of whether the school can provide the full 36 hours' work a week). Not at all good if the teacher is paid only for the actual number of hours worked, because there will be times when the teacher's timetable will be less, perhaps considerably less than the stated maximum of 36 hours a week. Another ambiguous aspect of the ad is the absence of an adjective qualifying "hours". Thirty six academic hours a week isn't too onerous, the same number of actual hours counts as a heavy workload. And there's the matter of transport. The ad states that teaching will be in the school building (okay if within reasonable walking distance of the flat) and also in other schools and in company. Samara is a big, sprawling city, traffic jams can be horrendous given the chronic inability of the crumbling Soviet era roads to cope with modern traffic flows, and public transport leaves much to be desired, so a teacher's working day could begin with a 7am in company lesson at one end of the city and finish at 10pm at a different end. (That's a worst case scenario, of course, but by no means unheard of).

One of the inducements listed in the ad is actually on the minus side: a shared apartment. That's probably about par for Moscow, but not for Samara: all existing TEFL companies in Samara (3, not counting others that don't employ native English speakers) provide a standard, one room apartment per teacher.

Right, that's all I can say. If anyone out there has some positive (or negative) information to impart, please do.

30-08-2009, 16:13
Never heard of them.

30-08-2009, 16:22
They seem to be a British group accredited by the British Council. But I can find no evidence of addresses outside the UK

Work with SGI (http://www.stgeorges.co.uk/foreign-languages/work-with-us.php)