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26-08-2009, 14:23
Hello Expats
I am very familiar with most types of visas but have not found a description of any additional documents needed to apply of the Work Visa.
I have the long sought work permit(id card) and work visa invitation in hand, along with medical/HIV certificate, photos and application. What else is needed to apply in the US? The employment contract?
It seems to be a big secret, the consulate in SF does not offer any help. I'll be flying back and apply early next week.

26-08-2009, 14:29
I have always wanted to know how you can get a work permit before you get a contract for employment in Russia. How did you do it? Or are you talking about invitation and business visa. In fact is there any country in the world where you can get work permit before you find the job? I thought the invitation came from the employer whose intentions were to employ you.

26-08-2009, 16:31
I have always wanted to know how you can get a work permit before you get a contract for employment in Russia. How did you do it? Or are you talking about invitation and business visa. In fact is there any country in the world where you can get work permit before you find the job? I thought the invitation came from the employer whose intentions were to employ you.
I might have confused the question. I have been going through the process almost 2 years, the delays were all in Moscow, the local portion of processing was done in very a timely manner. The first step is to get the business certified an eligible employer, which we did first, then the proposal of employment was included in the application for work permit. That is the longest step now since Russia is not too eager to allow foreigners taking jobs that they think could go to Russians. Since I am quite involved in the company, would be hard for a local to fill my "proposed" job. But even if there was not a very close relationship with the company, and it was a regular job applicant being asked to join the company, an employment contract contingent on permits is pretty standard.
After years of working not quite according to the rules for the last few years all efforts have been made to get a normal work permit/visa. When the unemployment rate drops, work permits will probably start being issued easier like in the past, but they are very hard to get now in many industries. The requirements have been tightened as well. A university degree is required now, even if it is not at all related to the work to be engaged in.
It has been so tight for non-residents that Finland lodged a formal high level diplomatic protest over the many Finnish companies that are dying in Russia because they can not get their upper level managers and CEOs work permits. Finland is one of the countries most economically involved with Russia so the problem is pretty serious.

26-08-2009, 19:53
I remember reaing an article in the Moscow times recently that the BP/TNK director had to leave Russia to renew his work permit, And he had problems getting back. I never did read if he ever got back, or is he still controlling this company based in Russia from the UK?

27-08-2009, 11:13
My understanding of the process is that if you have a work permit, then the company attached to that work permit has the right to issue an invitation to you. This is a single entry work permit, which they then get converted into a multi-entry visa once you have entered the country.

Ah, re-reading your post, you have the visa invitation. When I have done this in England, the only other thing I've needed was a letter from my company asking the embassy to issue an invitation. This letter should indicate that the company will cover your medical bills, and your repatriation when you leave the country. PM me with an email address, and I can send you a letter that has worked in the UK.

BUT - and this is a big BUT, every consulate is different. Some years the UK consulate required health insurance, some years they didn't. Some years they demand HIV tests, some years they don't. A lot has to do with the country they are situated in - if that country is nice to Russians when they apply for a visa, then the Russian consulate in that country is nice to citizens of that country. That's the rough rule of thumb. The only way you can know is to talk to the consulate, or find a knowledgeable local agency. It might make sense to ask the Washington consulate, as I have a suspicion that San Francisco will follow whatever Washington does. Or you could just do it by post with Washington.

Sorry not to be more helpful, but this is the system.

27-08-2009, 11:39
As far as i know and the way i got was just a HIV certificate, Insurance, Work permit and the Invitation was the reqiurement to obtain visa. But as said by others, the rules differ in different countries and depends on the person to whom you submit.
Better you contact a local agency who does these procedure, if not try yourself. As far as i know they will not reject your invitation, but will advice you to bring the neccessay documants on the next working day. Also when you communicate with the consulate officials, try to talk in Russian (if you can) which will help you for sure.

15-09-2009, 22:32
As it turns out, the application did not require even a cover letter, just HIV test results(not even a certificate), 1 photo, the application form, $131 and work invitation. The consular officer did not even care to look at my work permit ID card. It was completed in 6 days.
The first one is only good for 3 months by rule but renewals can be 12 month after the initial 3 month probation period.

The only delays or problems I've ever had with Russia buerocrats has been the delays with the Ministry of Labor holding the original permit due to not wanting any foreign workers taking jobs of locals. Unemployment is already dropping in larger cities so those restrictions, way under published quotes, will be eased again.

15-09-2009, 22:51
I think we need something cleare onthese work permits. There are quotas, those coming here here with work visaS? those who have temporary residency assumed not needing quota.

Has laws chaged in the recent to start us geting all confused again? Time for a Dummies way on how to get a work permit in Russia.

Perhaps this is a job for Beachbum? Because I am getting a bit fedup of contradictions here.

Let's get positive!! As visas, TRP, and TRP are now sorted by expat.ru. Now we need a good sticky about work permits in Russia for dummies

16-09-2009, 13:53
I don't think anything has changed.
If you want to work here (the only way to stay here for more than 90 days, apart from TRP/PRP/citizenship, as far as I can see), then you need a work visa. This can be got via your employer, who applies to the FMS to hire a foreigner, goes through the procedures (advertising the job locally, etc), gets approval from the FMS to hire a foreigner. On the basis of this, you ask for a visa invitation. I have one of these in my hot little hands at the moment - it's issued by my employer, on the official notepaper that is used for normal visas, and stamped by the FMS.

I use this to get a 90 day single entry visa, generally best from my country of nationality, and use this visa to enter Russia. My employer then takes this to the FMS, and converts it to a multi-entry visa, which is good for the period of the work permit.

The main problem is, is that the FMS is so inefficient, that, for instance, I am now getting my work visa, but my work permit is dated July. So when I get my multi-entry, it's only good until July of next year. When I guess I will have to re-apply again.

My understanding, from their websites, is that if your employer is large enough to belong to the American Chamber of Commerce or the European Business Council, then they can apply for permission to employ foreigners via these organisations. This seems to be a much more straightforward process, but I've never been involved in it.

I think that what has changed in the last 12 months is that your work permit is not automatically renewed once you get it, so your employer has to re-apply every year.