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22-08-2009, 17:54
Whilst in drunken stupor at the dacha, I somehow grabbed my laptop by the screen. Now I have black blobs of fingerprints on one side. Could this be fixed, or is this the end of (yet another) laptop?

22-08-2009, 18:53
Tis' beyond repair if it's pressure damage... :(

23-08-2009, 00:12
If LCD panel is physically damaged, you can only ask ASC (Authorised Service center) to change it. Of course the component itself + job will cost some money (my estimation is approx 60% of starting price of that laptop). Plus time for panel delivery (up to 6 weeks, if it's not IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad series - they do 1 week).
Another way is to use non-authorised service companies - they can do faster and cheaper but w/o quality assurance.

05-09-2009, 12:12
I had the same exact thing happen in Kiev with my cheap, crappy Acer Aspire One. I grabbed it by the screen and got weird lines. When I got back to the good old USA, I went on eBay, bought a new LCD screen for $50 and installed it in about an hour.

05-09-2009, 12:30
GaNozri has too much cash to bother with all that hassle... :p