View Full Version : Searching for possibility of volunteer job

21-08-2009, 20:15
Dear members of community,

Could you please advise regarding possibilities ot join volunteer team in Moscow. I am available for english-russian translations, copywriting, administrative activities, project coordination and etc.

Maybe you could share your personal story of such activities in Russia - it is very interesting.

Sincerely yours,


22-08-2009, 12:39
Are you looking to do charity work or for some type of internship to develop your English or other professional skills?

03-12-2009, 22:49
maybe you could attend ART PLAY this weekend and talk to the NGO representatives there. Kitezh, the foster community, for one, always is looking for volunteers for short and long term. See the ART PLAY post on community events.

Miss G
27-01-2010, 18:09
If you are still interested in doing charity work, I can put you in touch with a refugee centre where I volunteer. PM me