View Full Version : Internet provider vs telecoms provider

18-08-2009, 23:23
My internet provider is Stream but I have no idea who my ADSL line provider is. The line has stopped functioning and I do not know who to contact. Does Stream also provide telephone/ADSL lines?

19-08-2009, 02:38
ADSL is going via usual phone cable. So with 95% probability your line provider is MGTS - Moscow City Phone Network ( Московская городская телефонная сеть (http://www.mgts.ru) )

Does your local fixed phone work?

If yes, then probably there is a problem with DSLAM and you need to contact Stream technical support (see www.stream.ru ). Or check your modem-splitter-line connection versus bad contacts, breaks etc.

If no, then probably you have a due on MGTS phone line usage (monthly abonent fee) and they've disconnected line at local station (together with ADSL). You need to pay that due and line will be switched back on.