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11-08-2009, 22:13
Since I have been my wife and I have boucht two computer notebooks in Russia. To cut the story short, both note book computers although fantastic at the beginning shutoff. In other words they get hot within a short period of time and automatically switch off. It is more likely to switch off when watching a movie online for example, but now it could be anything.

When we forst prchased them they were fine , but as time goes on the problem increases and the toime on computer gets shorter. What causes such problems. Is it heat? It obviously gets hotter watching movies onlne, tried going back to the beginning and work better for a little while.

Suspects. A need for antivirus softwre. So downlowd on. But it definately slows down computer and causes problems. In fact all security software appers to be inconvenient.

Does anyone else have these problems, because I would find it strange, as I am not overdoing things using this notebook.

11-08-2009, 22:35
Notebooks accumulate fluff and need a good dose of compressed air from time to time, to blow out the dust and crap that builds up. I've never got better results than using the compressed air hose at a garage (intended for car tyres LOL...) to blow the dust out.

Just point it into the ventilation aperture, and give it a good blast for a ten second period, far better than 'canned air' can ever do the job :)

Using a DVD drive will increase the heat. The motor and the laser add to whatever other components are developing heat.

Consider networking your notebooks to a desktop, if you have one, and using the desktops DVD drive (set it as a shared root drive) to send the video wirelessly to whatever notebook you want to view the movie on.

A good anti-virus product shouldn't slow you down much. I'm using an Asus 10" netbook with a tiny 1.6Ghz Atom CPU and it runs XP, Office 2007, an Anti-Virus, N-WiFi, all without any issues.

If you need a decent AV product PM me... ;)

11-08-2009, 23:19
I do believe im pm as you know and I will get in touch in touch with you when the hell | am know what I am talking in about in detail. bu tif it is of common interest to public ,I would like to know if am the only one that buys a laptop and expects to work out well for a reasonable period, without getting too hot and then cutting out on you, And then waiting several hors to cool down before you canuse it again, Surely there must be something wrong, two compters , and same problems.? Lst one one one was a Toshiba, I couldn;t find the big screen one as recommended in a uK advisor, but got the nhext best one. Apparently the bigger screen one was not available in Russia at the time. I got what what appeared the best recommended, although they did state to add add memory option, when we asked it wasn;t available straightforward, \BLah blah!

11-08-2009, 23:24
Bels, I do believe you've been at the voddie... :nono:

11-08-2009, 23:41
Not at all as I never drink it. I am reasonably sober in this case. So someone buys a notebook and thinks everything will be trrific, Everything goes well and they can watch their movies or tv programmes and fine . Your computer doesnt suddenly shutdown? Your compter laptop doesn't overheat?

Then and only then I must be on the vodka if it only happens to me. But I believe it doesn't only happen to me , I believe it has happened to others. We do have problems with laptops and I would like to hear from others,
This is Not the biggest site for this subject, but it is our site , and my site, Sorry three Bavarias, but I promise you no vodka ever ,

11-08-2009, 23:51
Try the compressed air approach first.

Check there are no virals making the processor over-work itself and boil.

Those are the two most important steps to do first :)

I was joking about the vod' cos' you'd mistyped a few characters earlier... ;)

12-08-2009, 11:31
I'd recommend to check that pressed air dust removal too.
Also there could be a problem with thermal interface between CPU and cooling copper plate - sometimes it can dry out and need to be changed with thermal grease like КПТ-8 or АлСил-3 (available at radiomarkets in tubes like toothpaste).

But all those things are useless withot exact notebook model numbers (printed at the bottom sticker) - I can ask NB repair profesionals if these have any characteristic "childhood diseases".

12-08-2009, 11:56
I forgot to mention one thing. If the problem is only happening with DVD playback then there are some softwares which 'govern' the speed which your DVD drive will operate at.

This can limit heat within a notebook, although to what degree I wouldn't like to say - but here's the link for one particular product which I use to permit DVD region free playback and which includes a 'speed governor...'

SlySoft AnyDVD Software (http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvd.html)

As FatAndy says, it might be a CPU seating/heat compound issue, although I'd be surprised in a Toshiba - especially with two machines being similarly affected.

Sometimes a manufacturer will release an updated BIOS for their notebook if any 'known' issues come to light after it's released. An update might, say, include CPU throttling in order to combat heat issues. It'd be worth checking if there are any new BIOS releases on the manufacturers website.

Often manufacturers use 'adhesive thermal pads' in notebooks to conduct heat from the CPU to the cooling die which then conducts the heat away either through metal, and/or with heatpipes, to the fan which then blows out the hot air from the case.

These pads are nothing like as efficient as a thermal heat compound (such as Artic Ceramique for example, my personal favourite...) however in the notebook market the tolerance between the CPU and the cooling die on the heat conductor is often set at around 1mm specifically to allow a thermal heatpad to fill that gap; and as a result it's not always possible to substitute the pad for thermal compound without also adding special metal or ceramic shims to physically 'pad out' the gap that is there by design.

Let us know how you get on... :)