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07-08-2009, 16:22
I've applied for TRP, and am waiting for the result. I'm a british composer of classical music, married to a wonderful russian lady for over 4 years.

1.) What's the latest estimate for processing time? We've been told everywhere from 2-6 months for those not from a former soviet republic.

2.) Once notification is received, where do we go to complete the process. Local Militia?

3.) Does the TRP become active from the date of notification, or the visit to the local militia, if they are the people to deal with this?

4.) If the TRP is still being processed, with no notification as yet, at the conclusion my current visa, do i have to leave russia, and come back?

5.) If i can extend the current visa while the TRP is being processed, how do i do this?

6.) I've tried to find decent information about owning a business in Russia, on a TRP (with the intention of applying for a PRP), but the rules seem to conflicting. Can i start a business with me as the owner, including a bank account in the business name, and do i still need a work permit if ownership is ok?

7.) Is anyone running an online business, or know the details, for arranging online payment system for a web based business operating in Russia, but catering for customers outside the country as well? I got mixed messages on this one as well.

Lastly, this forum has been a mine of information for some time, and i'd like to thank all those who have laboured to give us new chaps a decent source of practical information, making the art of living in russia, and dealing with the admin, slightly less painful that it otherwise could be.

You have my respect, and gratitude.


08-08-2009, 12:03
1.) 2-6 months sounds right. The latest I've heard of is 7 months.
2.) UFMS. The same office where you applied. In fact, the notification that you'll receive should state were to go next.
3.) TRP becomes active from the date the decision to grant it is taken. It will also be stated in the notification. However, you are supposed to show up to receive your stamp in the passport within a certain number of days. I think it's a week, or something like this.
4.) Yes.
5.) You can't.
6.) You can own a business in Russia even without a TRP. You can own an "OOO" (it's sonewhat similar to a limited liability company), for a example. If you want to be a "director general" or hold any other position in your company , you would need to get a work permit. If you just own it, no work permit is necessary.
Once you receive TRP you can also become a "private entrepreneur".
7.) I think it is theoretically possible but you need to find someone who's knowledgeable on the matter. Talk to the people in your local tax office, for example. Or get a good lawyer/accountant.

08-08-2009, 14:23
I've applied for TRP, and am waiting for the result. I'm a british composer of classical music, married to a wonderful russian lady for over 4 years.

I'd suggest making posts about all your relevent point individiually in the forums which match the subject matter; as you're far more likely to get better responses from people who're more knowledgeable about each topic mentioned :)

10-08-2009, 12:23
Just a quick follow up, TRP's been approved.

I started the process on the 7th may, and it was approved today, so as a rough guideline, it's about 3 months. Cases may vary of course, but i've been a good chap since i've lived here, and have no black marks, or official challenges.

Hope this helps anyone that's trying to plan trips in and out, etc..


p.s. thanks for the help i've received here. It helped.

10-08-2009, 13:17
Dear Alexstone,
My application was accepted on 4 May, but no news so far.
Did the FMS notify you in any way that the TRP was ready ?
What FMS office did you have to go to ?

12-10-2009, 17:21
Sorry i didn't get back earlier.

I went to the local office, Bogorodskoye, (millionoye street) and asked them to check. They contacted the central office in 8 park street, Izmolovo, for our region, and lo and behold, my name was up.

Check the region you're in, and maybe there's a local branch for your district.

Check the central FMS office for all addresses. (463-65-09)

Best of luck.